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Try It! Connection BEFORE Correction

Connection BEFORE Correction Bluewater is back with a friendly tip we think will make your role as a parent easier and less distressing: connect with you child before attempting to correct your child. Children need to know parents are there to support them. Children... read more

A Call to FOSTER is not limited by age!

Rachel Marie  I couldn’t wait until my 21st birthday.. I couldn’t wait because 21 was the minimum age I had to be in order to foster. The day I turned 21, I was officially a foster mom, the youngest foster mom Hennepin County has ever licensed. The very... read more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is offering resources to help educate parents and families, educators, professionals, and policy makers about domestic violence. In an interview on PBS, Esta Soler... read more

Region 2 is NEXT for ReDesign

DFPS is pleased to announce the next area of Texas that will benefit from the Foster Care Redesign project.  The newest catchment area is DFPS Region 2, which includes the following counties:  Archer, Baylor, Brown, Callahan, Clay, Coleman, Comanche, Cottle, Eastland,... read more

It’s YOUR chance to speak-up about Minimum Standards

RCCL is asking for stakeholder input on Minimum Standards.  They want public input into current standards that people feel should be changed or deleted.   If you want to speak, you will be asked to fill out a form that will be provided when you get there. Here is a... read more

“You Can Save a Child’s Life”

   “You Can Save a Child’s Life.” Share this post with your contacts; many have no clue what Fostering is all about. This might answer some of their questions. This article, written by Dr. John DeGarmo, was recently published in the Huffington... read more

Myths About Foster Care Busted!

Few people have a good understanding of Foster Care and the dynamics that surround it. The result is that fewer people are willing to consider becoming foster families. Let’s take a look at some common myths that surround Foster Care and discover the truth... read more

Legislation Update

CWLA goes to Cuba The Child Welfare League of America led by President and CEO of CWLA Christine James- Brown brought a delegation of child welfare agencies to Cuba to exchange information and approaches regarding child and family well-being. “We are excited to learn... read more

The Extreme Obstacle Course of Fostering

The Extreme Obstacle Course of Fostering – Patrick Dierschke, Foster parent in San Angelo, Texas The Tough Mudder® race is an extreme obstacle course designed to challenge those willing to sacrifice their bodies by overcoming barbed wire, mud pits, electrical... read more

What I Wish Others Knew About Foster Parent Grief

I wanted to share something very special and very important with you today. I want you to help me get this message out to those who have no idea about foster parenting, and caring for our kids in need. I want you to help me wake up society about us! My editorial for... read more

Farewells Not So Fun? Help with Separation Anxiety

Article published in Hand and Hand Parenting – Susan Derby is a Parenting by Connection Instructor based in Los Angeles, California. You can connect with Susan via email at susanderby (at) yahoo (dot) com, or through her Facebook page.       You’ve... read more