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scholarshipThe TFFA Carlos Lara – Don Hazel Scholarship Fund

Continuing education might be a part of your (birth, foster, adopted) child ‘s future and TFFA hopes to help those birth, adopted, foster children of our members. Below you will find the guidelines for eligibility and a list of validating documents for full and part-time students that must be submitted along with a completed application.
The TFFA Scholarship Fund policy has been changed to accept application from a TFFA membered Foster Parent’s biological, adoptive, and foster children. Our scholarships may be issued after receipt of all required validation at the end of each semester.

Application must be fully completed and mailed [you can apply with our online form NOW, but please print it and include it when you submit other necessary paperwork] with all the necessary papers to our Scholarship Chair, Jennifer Studdard [9211 FM 711 / Center 75935]. Be sure to follow the guidelines. No award shall exceed more than $500 per semester, not to exceed $1000 per year; scholarships are awarded based on availibility of funds.                


  • FULL TIME STUDENTS: Must carry and complete 12 hours and maintain a GPA of no less than a 2.0 for the semester. If GPA falls below 2.0 the scholarship committee will notify the student of suspension until clarification has been accepted.
  • PART TIME STUDENTS: Must carry and complete no less than 6 semester hours and maintain a GPA of no less than a 2.0 per semester. If GPA falls below 2.0 the scholarship committee will notify the student of suspension until clarification has been accepted.
  • FIRST TIME APPLICANTS: Graduating High School seniors must have a letter of acceptance from a college, or center for higher learning, as well as all other requirements listed below. Application deadline is May 31st of each year.
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: Submit a full and current transcript from the institution they have been attending with a letter from their student adviser stating the starting date of the student’s college/training career, current involvement in the institution, and all other requirements listed below with a completed application, postmarked no later Dec. 31st of each year.
  • A grade point average of 2.0 must be maintained each semester to continue the scholarship the following semester. If the GPA falls below 2.0, the scholarship will suspend until proof of grades are received.
  • RETURNING APPLICANTS: All returning applicants must submit a current transcript (showing semester GPA and all classes that were attended and/or dropped) with a cover sheet of contact of information, after completing all requirements at the end of each semester to obtain the scholarship award for the next semester.

The Following Validating Documents Must Be Submitted Along With A Completed Application:

  • A two paragraph essay on why you would like to be awarded a scholarship from the Carlos Lara-Don Hazel fund.
  • Copy of high school transcript.
  • Copy of a college acceptance letter.
  • Two letters of recommendation from at least two (2) of the following: current Principal, Teacher, Counselor, Coach, Scout Leader, Student adviser, Employee Supervisor (from job if applicable) .
  • For Foster Children Only: Letter from social worker and letter from Foster Parents.
  • For biological and/ or adoptive children: Letter from parents.
  • Any other letters of recommendation and supporting documentation that applicant deems relevant.
  • A completed application

Mail all documents to
Jennifer Studdard

TFFA Scholarship Chair,
9211 FM 711, Center, Texas 75935
Questions? 936-275-3547


TFFA Scholarship Application


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