Learn about support system for foster teens who age out of the system that keeps them from dangerous situations (Includes video)

May 2024

"I wanted to do it on my own, but I wasn't really capable of it. I needed the help," said 19-year-old Elizabeth, who aged out over a year ago after bouncing around the foster care system starting at age two. As foster kids, in our minds, it's like, 'What can get worse from here? We've been through the most. We've made it through that. So, you know, we got it from here,'" she explained. Elizabeth also knows that perspective can land teens in dangerous situations. "They end up homeless, possibly trafficked and just really struggling on that next phase of their life if they don't have the supports in place that they need," said Charrelle Herber, Program Director of Specialty at the foster care organization SJRC Texas and it's placement wing Belong. Herber's team starts educating foster kids as young as 14 about their options when they age out, which include a list of programs.
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