The National Center for Enhanced Post-Adoption Support Announces New Website!

February 2024

We encourage you to visit the site and to do the following:

  • Explore our library containing hundreds of useful articles, reports, webinars and other resources related to post-permanency services.
  • Learn about the Post-Adoption Center's goals.
  • Find out how we can help you to enhance your state's, tribal nation's or territory's supports for families that have achieved permanency through adoption or guardianship.

Our Offerings

We are particularly excited to present our resource library! The library, which will grow over time, already has more than 200 of the best resources we've found to help child welfare professionals enhance their post-permanency support services. Resources are organized by topics such as:

  • Outreach and family engagement,
  • Post-permanency programming,
  • Serving diverse adoptive and guardianship families,
  • Workforce development and
  • Evaluation of post-permanency services

Comprehensive Resource Library

Child welfare professionals can access tools, documents, tip sheets, articles, podcasts and other materials about post-permanency services to enhance their programming.


Universal and On-site Technical Assistance 

Site personnel have access to peer groups, quarterly Post-Adoption Center chats, webinars and individualized assistance to help them find resources and specific information related to post-permanency services, such as information about another site's post-permanency programming.