Adopted children who have been abused or neglected often need help coping with the effects of abuse and the loss of their birth family.

All families of children adopted through DFPS can get post-adoption services. This service is available to families along with Title IV-E and state-paid adoption subsidies from DFPS.

After a child has been adopted, services are provided to help the child and family:

  • Adjust to the adoption.

  • Cope with any history of abuse of the child.

  • Avoid permanent or long-term removal of children from the adoptive family setting.

Some of the services available are:

  • Information and referral.

  • Casework services and service planning.

  • Parent groups.

  • Parenting programs.

  • Counseling services.

  • Respite care.

  • Residential placement services in critical need situations.

  • Crisis intervention.

Availability of services is dependent on funding and the individual child and family situation.
Adoption Support Programs
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Children who spend time in foster care often have problems sleeping. Poor sleep not only makes nighttime difficult, it interferes with a child's ability to manage their emotions during the day.

Dr. Candice Alfano, a child psychologist, adoptive foster parent, and sleep expert at the University of Houston has developed a brief, online behavioral sleep intervention to meet the unique needs of these children. DFPS has approved the study for children in Regions 6A and 6B only.  However, adopted and kindship families from across Texas are eligible. 

If you are an adoptive parent of a 6- to 10-year-old child who struggles with sleep, contact Dr. Alfano at to learn more about the FREE program.

All sessions take place online, parents are compensated up to $150 in gift cards, and children receive several small toys for their participation.